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Experience warm tile floors

Radiant is the most comfortable, cost efficient heating choice used in homes and buildings today. Why? It's versatile, comfortable, and economical. It can be incorporated into almost every style of home, using any modern fuel source.

Some radiant systems circulate water through tubing in the floors or ceilings, and/or convectors along the walls, to warm the surfaces of a home. There are many advantages to heating your home using water to experience the ultimate in comfort.

  • Surfaces within the space are heated rather than the air itself;
  • People feel more comfortable as heat is evenly distributed within each space avoiding hot or cold zones;
  • There is less circulation of dust and particles that can cause allergies;
  • With no need for ductwork, fan noises and stop/start sounds are reduced to promote clean & quiet living;
  • It is easy to create zones within your home or building to control the temperature differently according to how you use the space;
  • You can control the temperature of your floors to set your optimal level of comfort.

kanmor Control Systems Provide the Very Best in Temperature Control

Our controls are designed to keep the temperature at your preferred setting no matter what the outdoor conditions are like. By intelligently adjusting the heating system operation to compensate for indoor and outdoor temperature changes, temperature swings are eliminated.

kanmor Control Systems specialises in making hydronic heating and cooling systems more efficient to provide you significant savings on your energy bills and an optimum level of comfort.