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HVAC system controls maximize energy savings and indoor comfort while operating the Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning componens in unison.

Classic Series

Classic series controls use weather compensation to reduce heating costs and provide comfort. Each control operates as a stand-alone unit.

  • Weather Compensation Control 260e
  • Mixing Controls 355x360e, and 361e
  • Universal Reset Control 374e

Designer Series

Designer series controls use communication between the system control and the thermostat or room controller to optimize indoor comfort and energy savings. This series supports multiple boiler and mixed water temperature systems for use in advanced applications. Additional benefits of communication include remote monitoring or home automation system integration through the use of tekmarNet® Gateways.

  • Universal Reset Modules 422e and 423e
  • Mixing Expansion Module 441e
  • Power Manager 345e
  • Setpoint Control 162e
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