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internet monitoring

Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to control your heating and cooling systems over the Internet from anywhere in the world. The Gateway 483e allows contractors, building managers, and home owners the ability to remotely access tekmarNet® compatible controls through a computer web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox®, or Safari®. Temperature adjustment, scheduling, and monitoring of each room controller is made simple by allowing the installer to name each room controller and create groups within common areas of the building. Users can select to have scheduled status reports and system alerts emailed automatically.

Home Page

Customise the Home page with a site photo and details of the installation including site location and contact information.

Temperature Page

The Temperature page allows you to view and adjust temperature settings for any tekmarNet® room controller from a single page.


Graph any room controller, hydronic system temperature, or outdoor temperature over any time period. All data is stored and archived to allow you to compare daily, monthly, or annual performance of the system.

Email Alerts and Reports

Send email notifications of system events such as ‘room cold’, ‘room hot’, or sensor faults, as well as periodic status reports.


Easily create energy saving schedules for each room controller.

System Overrides

At the touch of a button, change the operation of all the room controllers in the building. Going on vacation? Select the away scene and the room controllers temperature settings are turned down and the domestic hot water cylinder is not heated to provide maximum energy savings. Before returning from vacation, simply set the scene back to normal and the building will be up to temperature when you arrive.

System Details

View the measured supply, return, and target water temperatures of the hydronic heating and cooling system.

User Accounts

Each user can have their own individual login account and password. Different security access levels can be assigned to each account. In addition, each account can be selected to receive different types of alerts through email or text message.