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The Weather Compensating Control 260e operates a twin-zone system.

260e Mid-Position

The Weather Compensating Control 260e operates a mid-position system.

360e 4-way mixing

The Mixing Control 360e provides a mixed temperature using a 4-way valve with an actuator.

355x Heating

The Mixing Control 355x works with a WIring Centre 375x to provide full system control.

361e Variable Speed Injection Mixing

The Mixing Control 361e provides a mixed temperature using a variable speed injection pump.

264e Heat Source Staging

In this application, the 264e manages operation of the heat sources while the 360e provides a mixed temperature for radiant heating. If the heat pumps are unable to provide the required target temperature based on either weather compensation or domestic hot water requirements, the boiler is operated as a last stage.

264e with Solar Thermal First Stage

The 264e can be used to stage a hybrid heating plant with alternative energy sources. As a last stage, the backup boiler only operates when the alternative energy heat sources can not generate enough heat.

374e System with Two Mixed Temperatures

The Universal Reset Control 374e provides full system control including domestic hot water generation and two mixed temperatures for heating.

tekmarNet System with 3 Water Temperatures

This application features a tekmarNet communicating control system. The 423e calculates the ideal boiler flow temperatures using weather compensation. Domestic hot water is provided with priority. Zoning is provided by tekmarNet thermostats connected to Wiring Centre 375x's.