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kanmor Control Systems is committed to protecting and securing personal information that is typically an identifiable individual’s home address, personal e-mail, home or unlisted telephone number, credit card number, banking information, etc. We are accountable to balance a) the need to seriously protect personal information that is not publicly known, with b) the need to collect, use or disclose accurate personal information for reasonable business purposes.

There are times when we may need accurate personal information in order to process a purchase order, to correspond, or to assist with a product application. We are committed to obtaining your consent and protecting your personal information with appropriate safeguards. We expect that any personal information that you present is given voluntarily with the intention of initiating or continuing the relationship between you and kanmor Control Systems.

Each and every one of our employees is responsible for collecting accurate information and protecting the personal information to which they have access. We have appointed designated individuals within kanmor Control Systems to be responsible for monitoring our compliance with this policy. Information received will not be disclosed to a third party unless required to perform tekmar’s business functions or requested by a government agency with lawful authority.

At any time you may request kanmor to disclose to you the personal information we hold regarding yourself. You can also unsubscribe in order to stop delivery of our communications to you.