Lower Heating Costs with Weather Compensation PDF Print

When you control your heating or cooling system properly you will achieve more comfort, use less energy, and ensure every one of your heating dollars is put to good use.

The greatest factor affecting how much heat a building requires is the outdoor temperature. Even in a well-insulated building, the heat required increases as the outdoor temperature decreases. A boiler heating system is typically designed to always operate at the highest temperature possible to match your home’s heat loss on the coldest day of the year. Most United Kingdom locations have less than 10 days in a year that actually require this high temperature.

So what happens when the outdoor temperature is relatively mild? The heating system delivers too much heat, therefore overheating the space and costing you more money. In commercial or apartment style buildings, where occupants do not directly pay for heating bills, costs and energy used increases even more as occupants open windows to compensate for overheating conditions.

A kanmor weather compensating control continuously adjusts the boiler temperature to match the current outdoor conditions. Lowering the boiler temperature for most of the year substantially reduces fuel consumption, improves comfort, and saves you money.

Weather compensating controls offer an easy way to save 5 to 30% with your existing heating system. Without weather compensation, boilers operate at a set temperature without regard to outdoor conditions or how much heat is actually required.

With weather compensation the boiler temperature is lowered as the outdoor temperature rises. This matches boiler operation to how much heat your home actually needs which saves you money.